General Sales Agents

Ticketing and Reservations

EVE maintains modern facilities and equipment necessary for the reservation and ticketing servicing of the client airline in all sales points.


A vibrant sales force makes around 3,000 sales calls per year throughout the country and are distributed in the following geographical regions of the territory.
Constant Sales Calls, to Tour Operators, wholesalers and major consolidator agencies all over the country.
Sales are carried out for the entire product of the client airline (both for passenger and cargo).


EVE carries out the distribution of the product of the entire market by means of –

  • Own offices network
  • Call center
  • Travel agencies and Tour Operators
  • Extended sales calls
  • Confidential tariff booklet (electronic) containing schedule and products of the client airline
  • Maintaining relations with corporations, government entities and NGO

Marketing and promotion

EVE carries out all essential promotional and publicity actions on behalf of the client airline, among which:

  • Recurring announcements to all local authorities and entities (including Embassies, Consulates, Chamber of Commerce, Civil Aviation Authority, etc.)
  • Press releases to the trade media with the client airline’s news, showing its services available through EVE and including full contact information (dedicated phone lines, bulk emails).
  • Introduction in all relevant directories (trade catalogs, phone books, etc.)
  • Direct Mailings to the entire network of agencies and tour operators throughout the country.
  • CONFIDENTIAL ELECTRONIC TARIFF BROCHURE of the client airline’s network and products directly delivered to the trade.
  • Presentation of the carrier and its product at all major trade fairs and events.

Product Management

EVE undertakes all necessary actions on behalf of the carrier in the Greek market of:

  • Product commercialization.
  • Distribution.
  • Pricing.
  • Competition monitoring.
  • Assisting the carrier in establishing/streamlining agreements with local carriers.
  • Market surveys & reports.
  • Liaison with the press & trade media.


Full-scale administration activity conducted for each client airline includes:

  • Invoicing
  • Credit & Debit Notes
  • Sales Reports (Passengers & Cargo)

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