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EVE - EURO VOYAGER ENTERPRISES S.A. is a Greek company established in Athens, Greece, in 1995 in the form of an anonymous stock-holding society with the sole purpose of servicing airlines and integrates all the services offered by a (GSA) General Sales Agent.

EVE, as a true GSA, services on line and off-line airlines by providing full commercial, administrative and representation/airport support in Greece and neighbouring markets.

EVE, has NO agency-related activity (passenger or cargo) nor has the company any direct affiliation with such agencies. This allows EVE to sustain a non-conflicting position in the entire IATA and non-IATA agents market and to achieve equal product placement, distribution and effective penetration for the client airline.

The company’s commitment to the trade as well as the professionalism of its organization have made EVE one of the most recognized airline servicing companies in Greece today.

The main Areas of Activity include:

  • Full Ticketing and Reservation services
  • Sales (passengers and cargo)
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Airport and Cargo Services
  • Complete Administration at all levels

The company maintains STRATEGICALLY LOCATED HEAD OFFICES AND SALES FACILITY, in the heart of Athens’ airline market (Syntagma square), amidst most major airlines and travel agencies.
A highly SKILLED MULTILINGUAL STAFF comprising of 10 executives and clerks are trained for precise performance of their designated tasks, based on the needs and requirements of each individual client airline.
An EXTENSIVE COMPUTER NETWORK, supported by uniquely developed software provides the entire operation with full automation and handles individually for each client

  • Everyday Sales
  • nvoicing
  • Credit & Debit Notes
  • Sales Reports (passengers & cargo)
  • Inventory control (cargo)

  • A Tour Operator
  • Travel Agent
  • A Cargo Agent
A company servicing airlines by means of exclusive Product Management (to strictly abide by each client’s policies and requirements), promptly growing by the acquisition of new clientele.
An enterprise, which provides its client with a complete array of services, that cover all areas of activity and range from marketing & promotion, sales, administration, to all sorts of operational assistance and more.

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